A recent survey found that 25% of Americans have no close friends. None. One out of every four of us has no one to confide in, to share deep secrets with, to call on when times grow dark. And, on the average, people have fewer close friends than they did twenty years ago. In 1985 Americans had an average of 3 close friends. Today, that number has shrunk to 2. Where have we gone wrong?

The Gathering wants to stop this trend. We are, above all, a community. We offer a place to belong, to share, to laugh. We want you to find your place.

On September 10, 2006 at 6pm the official “Find Your Place” Campaign begins. In it, we want to show Aurora and the rest of Colorado that there is a place for everyone. We want to reach out to others and show we care — whether it’s through friendship, a meal, or a helping hand. And we want to give people a place not just to belong, but to make a difference. A place to change lives, to help others, to devote yourself to a worthy cause.

Come, find your place…


One Response to “Find Your Place”

  1. the boy at the corner of my street Says:

    there is a boy on the corner of my street; i pass him by everyday i go to school. i see his mouth moving but no one else is around. he seems so lonely, to me…but then, he seems, content. i am very curious to know what he is talking about. but, i must say, i always walk on the opposite side of the street. i am leery of that boy on the corner of my street who is always talking to himself. it seems silly now, writing it down…he is only a boy after all!

    tomorrow, i will talk to that boy.

    i did not sneak up on the boy. i walked quite loudly actually, hoping he would hear me and stop being weird and talking to himself. but he did not stop talking to himself, though i’m sure he heard me. as i got closer i could hear a word here and there, but nothing to determine what he was talking about. i stood in front of him and cast him in a dark shadow. he looked up. i must have looked huge and horrifying to the boy, but he still looked content and peaceful. i asked him, ‘what are you talking about?’ he replied, ‘my day so far.’ so i looked around and i said, ‘who are you talking to?’ he replied, ‘god.’ i did not say anything for a moment or two. i wasn’t entirely sure what to say. so the boy asked me, ‘is it so strange for god to be my friend?’ and i said, ‘no…but if god is god, doesn’t he already know your day? isn’t he already planning your future? so what have you to share?’ and the boy, he said to me, ‘i don’t understand.’ ‘live in god moment to moment…pray and repent and give him your burdens…share with others,’ i explained to him. and he said, ‘but i have no one else to share with.’ so i took up his hand and i said, ‘so how has your day been, today?’

    and now i know what the boy on the corner of my street was talking about this morning.

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