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Hey Everybody, I don’t have much time for a post, so I figured I’d throw a couple links your way.

If you have time today, check out  It’s a great site to learn about the environment, and probably one of the more fun and witty enviro-sites out there.  Also, and are good, easy to navigate sites on the environment.  And, of course, go to our teachings page to look at some of what we think about the environment.



Beginning this coming Sunday, October 28, The Gathering will be meeting for worship at 9:30am instead of 11am. 

 We will continue to meet at 9:30am through the month of November. 

 See you then!

This coming Sunday at the Gathering we kick off the season for our community.  Its going to be another great fall around here!  We will be working through our shared vision together, talking about our passions to serve Aurora, planning some great Bronco and Halloween parties, and generally having a great time this September, October, November. 

Everyone is of course invited.  The Gathering gets together Sunday mornings at 11am in the New Hope Church building in Aurora.  Love to see you there!

The NY Times reports that more and more college kids are interested in religion. Looking at the article, it seems these kids aren’t just copying the faith of their parents, but exploring what faith and religion mean, and asking tough questions. Experts don’t exactly know what is producing the phenomena, but pretty much everyone says that something significant has shifted.

I think this is a wonderful thing for the church…even when students explore other faiths, too. I go back and forth on the American church, and sometimes get disgusted at the materialism, the list of don’ts, the narrow moral message (homosexuality and abortion, anyone), and the lack of compassion, caring for the poor and orphan and widow, loving the outsider.

But I know that Christ loves the church, that he calls it his bride, and that as Paul said, when we are weak, then we are strong (because God’s love and power can work through us). And I read articles about growing spirituality on college campuses, and how people are asking tough questions about God and faith, and leaders are encouraging those questions and encouraging community, and I get excited. There are some amazingly bright spots in the American church as well.

May we have eyes to see the goodness. And may we have hands and mouths to encourage brothers and sisters further on their journey with God.

The U.S. Senate proposed a bill today that would limit U.S. military assistance to governments that use child soldiers. The bill, introduced by Richard Durbin (D-IL) and Sam Brownback (R-KS) would cut military assistance to countries that use child soldiers. Rewards, of additional assistance and professionalization of the military would be given to countries that comply. This bill would ensure U.S. taxpayer dollars don’t support any country that uses child soldiers. Yahoo!

Joseph Mettimano, of World Vision, has strongly supported the bill and urged lawmakers to fund rehabilitation for child soldiers, and bring rebel leaders to justice who kidnap and employ child soldiers.

This bill is a great step in the right direction. For more info, click on this link on Alert Net. Let’s continue to pray for relief for child soldiers, an estimated 250,000 in Africa today, and urge our lawmakers to support this bill!

Stamp Out Hunger!An easy way to help…the United States Postal Service (letter carriers, unite!) is hosting a drive to help food banks. On Saturday, May 12th put some bags of nonperishable food items next to your mailbox, and it will be donated to a local food bank. For more info, check out I know we all have some cans of soup, or noodles, or something that’s been sitting at the back of the pantry for awhile. You don’t even have to drive anywhere! Yahoo!

Invisible ChildrenWe’ve been watching the Invisible Children videos the past couple of weeks, and wanted to give another way to get involved. World Vision has a page where you can email your representatives and the President about the situation, urging them to take action. Interested? Click here. If you don’t know your representatives don’t worry, the site will provide them based on your address. If you don’t know who the President is, then worry.

For those of you unfamiliar, Invisible Children is the label given to child soldiers (and night commuters) in northern Uganda, where a civil war has been raging for 20 years. Children have to walk miles each night to a city, so they won’t be kidnapped when darkness falls and pressed into service by the rebel army. Young boys are taught to fight or be killed, young girls are forced to be wives for older men. In August of 2006, a cease-fire agreement was made between the rebel army and the Ugandan army; the cease-fire expired this February. Subsequent talks have not been successful. United States involvement in the talks would increase the pressure on the rebel army to negotiate, as well as provide much needed aid for the war-torn northern territory.

For more info, check out the World Vision site or

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