kingdomIt’s easy to let other people do the work.

Let the pastors do the work of leading, teaching, and caring for the local church and community.  Let the missionaries do the work of evangelism.  Let the worship leaders do the work of worshipping.  Let others do the “Christian” work so I can focus on the other more pressing details of my day.

Let God do his God-work.

Sure, I want to be on the right team, so I identify with Jesus and I have all of my theology packed neatly away in my head.  But I’ll let other more “qualified” people do the important work of the Church.  And when Jesus wins, I’ll be there to cheer Him on.

Ready for my excuses for such passivity?  I’m weak, flawed, imperfect, sinful, young, naive, inexperienced, fearful of failure, too comfortable, too idealistic…

And then I read Luke 11:14-23.  Jesus does battle with Satan by healing a demon possessed man.  He likens this encounter to an attack upon Satan in which He overpowers him, disarms him, and plunders him.  He claims this is the result of the Kingdom of God coming upon them.  

The Kingdom of God is expanding into enemy territory.

I’m here to cheer Jesus on.  Keep expanding it!  Keep it!  Go get ’em!!

And then verse 23.  It gets personal.  I have a role to play in this epic expansion of the Kingdom.  I can’t be neutral.  I’m either actively working against God, scattering people and leading them (and myself!!) to anything other than God or I’m actively working with God to lead people (and myself!!) to Him.

I cannot simply watch Jesus do it…or watch anybody else for that matter.  I’m in the game.  I’m working either for God or against God, toward God or away from God.  God designed life in this way.

The work of the Church is MY work.  And yours.  With Jesus, we are to be a people who gathers, others and ourselves, nearer to God.  To expand the Kingdom, by God’s power, further and further into the dark corners of our own hearts and those around us.

This work is not somebody else’s.  It is not the work of those we deem “professional Christians.”  This is OUR work.

It is OUR work to care for each other physically and spiritually, to push each other deeper, to give up more of ourselves to God, to fill our needed God-designed roles within the life of the Church.  There are no time-outs or intermissions.

After all, we’re about expanding God’s Kingdom.  You and me.  Actively.  Right now.

It’s only the largest epic ever conceived and the only one that really matters.