growthIt’s kind of like watching a baby grow.

Those who see the child daily rarely notice the rapid growth, while other friends and relatives who see the baby once a week or so frequently comment on how much Johnny is growing. 

How big he is getting!  Look at those arms and legs!  He’s saying so many words!  He’s walking around!

What can be hidden by familiarity and the nature of small incremental change to those involved with the baby on a daily basis is usually obvious to others less involved.

The same dynamic is at work in the spiritual growth of a community.

As a community we pray for growth, for change, for God to lead us into greater discipleship.  How easy it is for us to miss God answering those prayers.  To miss the very divine work we so earnestly yearn for!

So once a month, we as a community slow down.  We reflect on the past month.  We share what we see in our lives and our life as a community.   Where we are growing,  failing, succeeding, and experiencing frustration.  Where we see God.  And we pray.

It is tremendously encouraging to hear from each other the various aspects of the last month’s worth of journeying together.  And it is tremendously important for us to learn to discern God’s work in our lives.

God has reminded me this past month of the spiritual importance of the daily, small, boring details that make up life.  I’ve been learning to appreciate the small steps of growth rather than being frustrated that I don’t see greater leaps and bounds.  And I’ve got much more to learn and practice in these truths.

Our community is transitioning from a mostly child-less group of 20s and 30s to mostly child-full church, and how a bigger family affects our relationship with God and the community to which we’re committed.  We are figuring out what it means for the church to do the work of the church and not just rely on one or two people.  We are slowly moving away from simply talking about loving others to serving in concrete, real ways for others.  And we’ve got much more to learn and practice in these truths.

God is at work.  We see that when we slow down, rather than rush on.

May we learn to discern His work better.

May we never miss it.