empty-tombAbout 2000 years ago God became man, walked among humanity and taught them.  He was born of a virgin, was sinless, and performed various miracles.  Around the age of 32, he was wrongly accused of blasphemy and of starting a rebellion (among other things), he was convicted by a  “judge” persuaded by some public opinion, suffered for the sin I’d commit thousands of years later, and was crucified.  Three days later this same God-man came back to life, ascended back into heaven, and lives there today.

I believe this.  I believe what to most sounds outlandish, crazy, mythical, and simply wishful.  Yet, and certainly not without evidence, I believe it.

Frequently I find myself repeating the plea a father made to Jesus in hopes that Jesus would heal his boy, “I believe, help me overcome my unbelief!” 

I believe these things actually historically happened.

That claim provides quite a jolt to my daily perspective of life, especially in relation to difficult tasks to which God is calling me.

Tasks of self-sacrifice.  The daily grind of many small and boring yet spiritual significant decisions.  The larger big and exciting projects and their various necessary elements and steps.   

I’m beginning to believe that self-sacrifice is the root of all of God’s calls upon my life. 

He calls me to sacrifice the common things of  time, energy, money, possessions, and comfort.  But underneath  and deeper than these “objects” of sacrifice, He is concerned with shaping my heart.  Here, He calls me to sacrifice my feelings of inadequacy, of being overwhelmed, of self-sufficiency.

Especially self-sufficiency, and the pride that entails.  When will I get it?

Jesus sacrificed so much more.  He displayed a power that goes beyond understanding.  My struggles in comparison are nothing.  They are child’s play.  When will I actually live like I need to literally, daily depend on Jesus’ strength in order for me to meaningfully sacrifice anything…for me to grow?

It is ludicrous to imagine that Jesus can’t help me with my own areas of self-sacrifice.  Consider His crucifixion and resurrection.  Look at what He already did.  Look at what He already proved. 

I need that perspective.  I need that divine power.  I need that help so I can take the next steps God has for me.  My next small, but significant steps.

I need all of it daily.