talking-with-godHonesty is key.  At least that’s what I’ve found with my relationship with God.

Something happens when I tell God what He already knows: the broken pieces of me, the short-comings, the struggles, the disconnects between what I deeply desire and how I actually live.

My relations with Him swtich from a fake intimacy to real intimacy.  I don’t experience condemnation, but a love that touches the deepest parts of me and encourages me to continue to pursue Him, even with my faults.  No longer do I ignore the so-called elephant in the room, but acknowledge it openly with God and then go from there.

Perhaps the transformation could be called freedom.  Freedom from fakery, facades, avoidance, guilt, and that nagging feeling that I’m not truly being real.

But God is real and He wants our real selves.  Honestly.

Have you experienced this?  What have you learned about God when you withhold or share your hurts and faults with Him?