This last Sunday I experienced an ever increasing event as of late, in that my understanding of Scripture was greater clarified. The hard part about the clarification of Scripture is that it is usually accompanied by a conviction, to in some manner also change my life. What I always thought of as a reference to the conception of eternal life in mankind turned into the realization that this is a perpetual struggle not only in the beginning stages but throughout a Christian’s life.

Eric led us this week in a teaching on “The Parable of the Sower” in Luke chapter eight. Jesus parallels the spreading of the Word to a farmer sowing seeds. The Farmer is metaphorical for our Heavenly Father who sows the seeds of the Word in our hearts. The seed is the Word and the soil is the hearer of the Word. There are four types of soil in this passage: the road, the rocks, the thorns, and fertile soil. The seed that falls on the road is trampled upon and never takes root. The seed that falls on the rocks will take small root but has no room to grow. The seed that falls amongst the thorns is choked out. But the seed that falls upon fertile soil will grow abundantly. What I realized as we pondered the meaning of this parable, was that this is not merely a struggle in becoming a Christian but is also a permanent struggle throughout a person’s walk with God. There are times when I have ignored a Scripture or ignored God and trampled on the words He gave me. There have been times when I have ingested His words but did not allow them to take deep root. There have been times when I allowed the comforts of this world to choke out the Word of God. And then finally there are times when I submit to God and become the fertile soil wherein His Word can take root and grow exceedingly in me. It all boiled down to the state of the human heart. When God’s Word falls on the road, our hearts are hardened and cannot accept the Word. When God’s Word falls on the rocks, our hearts respond temporarily and we all too quickly fizzle out of life. When the Word of God falls on the thorns, our hearts are open because it is convenient but we are easily distracted by everything around us and the Word is choked out. The moments in which the Word falls on good soil, are the moments in which are hearts are truly changed. So how does one know when they are good soil? Fortunately for us, there is irrefutable evidence of good soil in that it produces fruit. If we are good soil, and we are recipients of the Word of God, then we will be fruitful. What does being fruitful mean to you? And how can we better be bearers of fruit in our immediate circles of influence?