We talked yesterday about how men and women are made in the image of God. This is a difficult thought to grasp, a difficult idea to pinpoint. So, we talked about functions rather than structures; we did not talk about how we all have two eyes and that’s in God’s image (I don’t know that it is, though it could be), but we did see how there are certain ways that humankind functions that reflect God.

The three ways we pointed out were: dignity, responsibility, and capacity. Our dignity reflects God, because God is strong and loving and holy and… dignified. Thus, we assume that every human has a certain dignity; every human commands a certain respect. We respect grocery store clerks by looking them in the eye, we respect dying people by giving them comfortable and loving deaths, we respect physically and mentally handicapped people because they, too, bear God’s image and need love.

We bear the responsibility to do this, and the responsibility to ‘have dominion over the earth.’ We treat the earth with respect, too, although it doesn’t share the same dignity as a person, we are the caretakers of it right now. And we have the capacity to grow in God’s image, to become more God-like, to be holy like God is holy, to be loving like God is loving, to be strong like God is strong.

We talked about idols and how they not only push God away but also deny who we are as image bearers. When we worship money, when we make money our god, we suddenly become people only capable of making money, only judged on that ability. We deny the myriad relationships of which we are a part.

We took a final look at God and saw that he is an active God: he is three-in-one, he is a relationship, continually giving and receiving, deferring and exalting. We saw that when we are in relationship, that is when we resemble God in a new way: giving and receiving, loving others and receiving their love. This is fundamental to reality, fundamental to what it means to be human.

In what ways do we see this reality around us this week?