We talked yesterday about Genesis 2: how God created man and woman, how the Garden of Eden was set up so that everything was in right relationship.  And we focused on our relationships with God, seeing as a result of sin that we fear intimacy with God, even wondering if God is present among us. 

We saw that he is.

We saw how he was present in the Garden, even in the physical characteristics, how a fertile garden with rushing water is often used as a symbol for God’s presence in the Old Testament.  We saw how Jesus said words like, “Streams of living water will flow out of you,” to show God’s presence inside of us today, through the Spirit.  We saw we were made for intimacy with God, how it began in the Garden and will end with God wiping every tear from our eyes, living with us.

So, my questions are this: how are you realizing God is intimate this week?  How are you connecting with Him?  What are you learning from spending time with God?  How does this intimacy change your life?