The NY Times reports that more and more college kids are interested in religion. Looking at the article, it seems these kids aren’t just copying the faith of their parents, but exploring what faith and religion mean, and asking tough questions. Experts don’t exactly know what is producing the phenomena, but pretty much everyone says that something significant has shifted.

I think this is a wonderful thing for the church…even when students explore other faiths, too. I go back and forth on the American church, and sometimes get disgusted at the materialism, the list of don’ts, the narrow moral message (homosexuality and abortion, anyone), and the lack of compassion, caring for the poor and orphan and widow, loving the outsider.

But I know that Christ loves the church, that he calls it his bride, and that as Paul said, when we are weak, then we are strong (because God’s love and power can work through us). And I read articles about growing spirituality on college campuses, and how people are asking tough questions about God and faith, and leaders are encouraging those questions and encouraging community, and I get excited. There are some amazingly bright spots in the American church as well.

May we have eyes to see the goodness. And may we have hands and mouths to encourage brothers and sisters further on their journey with God.