The Ugandan military accused the LRA of attacking and killing seven civilians in northern Uganda Monday night. Obviously, this is really bad news for the peace talks. The LRA came back Tuesday and denied the killings. We’ll see how this plays out in the course of the talks.

But, what Uganda truly needs is prayer.

Lord, we pray for these talks, that they would go smoothly and bring peace to this region. We ask for your presence and love to be obvious to the thousands in refugee camps, and ask that they would soon be able to go home. We ask that the deeper issues of economic and political disparity between northern and southern Uganda would be confronted in the weeks to come. Let the LRA leaders not only lay down their arms but come to justice, whether that’s through the International Criminal Court or traditional Acholi reconciliation. We pray, most of all though, for peace, for safety, for healing, for life for the millions affected in northern Uganda. Amen.