Joseph Kony, leader of the LRAIt’s Easter evening.  My wife is sitting across the hall; we’re both getting a little work done before the rush of Monday comes.  We spent the day with family, eating and talking and laughing.  It snowed here in Denver this morning, but now the sky is clear, the snow is gone, and the sun turns the sky orange and red.

I was brushing up on the Uganda peace talks.  The LRA has waged war against the Ugandan government for over 20 years.  The war has killed thousands, and displaced roughly 1.7 million people.  Peace talks are scheduled to resume soon, but little progress has been made since the cease-fire ended this February. 

I ask tonight for prayer.  It is easy for us to sit back and relax, to talk and eat and enjoy life with those we love on holidays such as Easter.  But take a moment to pray while staring at your computer screen.  Pray that the talks, set to continue on April 13th, would be effective, and would bring peace to the region.  Pray for those sleeping outside tonight, that they would receive aid and help they need.  Pray for our government to get involved, encouraging both sides to take the peace process seriously.  Pray for God to act.  To step into the situation and radically change it.  Pray.  Pray.  Pray. 

And, if you want more information, is a great source of international news…