Invisible ChildrenWe’ve been watching the Invisible Children videos the past couple of weeks, and wanted to give another way to get involved. World Vision has a page where you can email your representatives and the President about the situation, urging them to take action. Interested? Click here. If you don’t know your representatives don’t worry, the site will provide them based on your address. If you don’t know who the President is, then worry.

For those of you unfamiliar, Invisible Children is the label given to child soldiers (and night commuters) in northern Uganda, where a civil war has been raging for 20 years. Children have to walk miles each night to a city, so they won’t be kidnapped when darkness falls and pressed into service by the rebel army. Young boys are taught to fight or be killed, young girls are forced to be wives for older men. In August of 2006, a cease-fire agreement was made between the rebel army and the Ugandan army; the cease-fire expired this February. Subsequent talks have not been successful. United States involvement in the talks would increase the pressure on the rebel army to negotiate, as well as provide much needed aid for the war-torn northern territory.

For more info, check out the World Vision site or