We have finally been able to post a number of talks from the Gathering online.  You can find them on our website www.thegatheringcommunity.orgunder the podcast section.  Or if you have itunes I recommend checking them out at http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=215942853

 We currently have four talks available. 

“Find Your Place” addresses the issue of meaning in our lives and how we find deeper meaning in our day to day existence.  What is spirituality really?  And can it enrich the ordinary moments of every day?

 “Who believes in you?” speaks to the issues of fear and doubt that we all face in our lives.  What do we lean back on, rely on, draw from, when all we can seem to hear are voices of fear in our heads?

“When Jesus stood up and shouted…”  I think we often have these caricatures of Jesus in our heads that are very far from the truth.  What was he really like?  And what could that possibly mean for us today?

“What is the Epiphany?”  Epiphany is an ancient Christian season celebrated between Christmas and Lent.  I gave this talk a couple years ago right after the tsunami hit.  Ultimately, does this season called Epiphany speak to a disaster such as the tsunami in any way at all?

Feel free to leave feedback on the talks here on our blog!