November 2006

Prayer Mosaic this Sunday! 

 Over the past few weeks we have been discussing everyday spirituality at The Gathering.  This coming Sunday, December 3, we will be going through a prayer mosaic together.  Yes, it will be a little out of the ordinary, but everyone who I’ve talked to who has done it has gotten a lot out of it.  Essentially there will be different stations set up around the room with topics to pray for and information about how to pray for that topic.  The participants (you) go around the room at their own pace and pray for the different people and issues.  It can be as long as as short as anyone wants. 

Check out this online labyrinth to get an idea what it will sort of be like.


This coming Saturday morning, Nov. 18, meet at New Hope Church at 11am to join a group of people heading down to the Capital Hill area of Denver to feed the hungry there.  We will be back to New Hope between 2:30 and 3:00 in the afternoon.  Don’t miss out, a great chance to meet new people and meet a real need in the Denver area. 

For all those who in live in and around Auora, CO.  The Gathering Community is doing a coat and blanket drive on Dec. 9.  Items can be dropped off at New Hope Church, 17699 E. Hampden Ave.  Aurora, CO  80013 during the day that Saturday.  The coats and blankets will go to those that need them in Aurora and in Denver. 

Good reasons to donate coats and blankets-

-You are not currently using every coat and blanket you own.

-You can afford to buy an extra coat or blanket

-You care about people with less.

 Good reasons not to dontate coats and blankets.

-You don’t know what a coat or blanket is.

-You live on the equator.

-You have already donated thousands of coats and blankets this year. 

Get involved.

If you haven’t found the gathering community on myspace yet, check us out here.

On Sunday Tyler shared about the horrible situation in Darfur Sudan how we can pray for Darfur, and how to get involved.  For those who didn’t get the website address he gave us it was